Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Goodbye, Columbus Chapters 4-8

Parallel: Throughout chpaters 4-7, there is talk about Brenda leaving, either she leaves him or she goes off to college. In Chapter 4, Neil is afraid of being in the water to long because he is scared Brenda will leave him. in Chapter 6, Neil says "...I had been more and more with the thought that when Brenda went back to Radcliffe, that would be the end for me". It shows that throughout the end of book, Neil is becoming more aware that summer is ending and that they will no longer be together and hang out everyday. 

In Chapter 7, Neil is at Ron and Harriets wedding. Throughout the wedding, people are telling Neil that he and Brenda will be together for a long time and that they are the next wedding. It seems like the chapter is proof that Neil and Brenda were meant to be and that college and long distance will not come between them but at the end of chapter 7, Neil says "I drove Brenda to the train at noon, and she left me". 

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  1. Ella, some nice ideas here -- especially your ping pong observation
    Suggesting Neil-as-performer. Chapters 4-8 responses rather thin, no?