Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Goodbye, Columbus Chapters 4-8

Parallel: Throughout chpaters 4-7, there is talk about Brenda leaving, either she leaves him or she goes off to college. In Chapter 4, Neil is afraid of being in the water to long because he is scared Brenda will leave him. in Chapter 6, Neil says "...I had been more and more with the thought that when Brenda went back to Radcliffe, that would be the end for me". It shows that throughout the end of book, Neil is becoming more aware that summer is ending and that they will no longer be together and hang out everyday. 

In Chapter 7, Neil is at Ron and Harriets wedding. Throughout the wedding, people are telling Neil that he and Brenda will be together for a long time and that they are the next wedding. It seems like the chapter is proof that Neil and Brenda were meant to be and that college and long distance will not come between them but at the end of chapter 7, Neil says "I drove Brenda to the train at noon, and she left me". 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Goodbye, Columbus Chapter 3

Parallel: At the beginning of the book, Brenda has asked Neil if he and his sister were black. Now in chapter 3, Neil says that the little in at the library has a "southern negro dialect". I feel like in each chapter, there is a question or description that involves race and I think that is interesting that it is very present in each chapter. 

Contrast: I thought that there was an interesting contrast between Neil and Julie when he is playing ping pong with her compared to when he was playing basketball. When Neil and Julie were playing basketball, the whole family was watching and Neil let Julie win. Now that the family is out of the house and he and Julie are alone, he plays ping pong with her and doesnt let her win. I thought that was interesting on how he behaves around Julie when people are and arent present.

Orange Crush
Green train cars
Art Books
Ice Bucket
Swizzle Stick
Shot Glass
Pretzel Bowl
23 bottles of Jack Daniels
Greenage Plums
Black Plums
Red Plums
Black, Yellow, Red Charries
Honey Dew
Ping Pong paddle
Ping Pong ball
Phone with Cord

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Goodbye, Columbus Chapter 2

Parallel: Like in Chapter 1, Chapter 2 starts with Neil, Brenda, and the glasses.It is almost exactly the same beginning, where Brenda asked Neil to hold her glasses while she went swimming. 

Contrast: In Chapter 1, Brenda was always asking Neil if he or his cousin, Doris, were Black. In Chapter 2, on page 23, they describe Mr. Patimkin at the dinner table "pulling his shirt up and slapping his black, curved belly". I thought this was interesting contrast since Brenda was always asking if somebody was black but I dont think anyone ever really thought the Brenda could be black.

Class Consciousness: On pages 25 and 26, Brenda is talking about her mom not wanting to waste any money they have. Brenda sees it in the sense that "she still thinks we live in Newark". Even in brendas family, not all of them feel upper-class. Her mom doesnt want to waste any of the money they have.

Black Tank Suit
Cuban Heels
Knuckle-Sized Rings
Straw Hats
Big Blue Umbrella
Chaise Longues
Golf Balls
Tennis Can
Baseball bat
Riding Crop

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Goodbye, Columbus Chapter 1

Contrast: On pages 10 and 11, the passage has a cntrast of light and dark. One page 10, it says "the darker it got the more savagely did Brenda rush the net...". On page 11, Neil is describing Brenda as "...tiny-collared white polo shirt, right where her wings would have been if she'd had a pair". I thought of this as a contrast since brenda is being describe in both of these sentences. When stating that it was darker, Neil mentions that Brenda turned into more of a savage, but when he is describing her white polo, he mentions, infering that she looks like an angle. 

Parallel: I noticed that Brenda is always asking what people look like. On page 7, Brenda asks what Neil looks like and on page 12, she asks what his cousin Doris, looks like. I thought this was interesting especially since the beginning of book started with the moment when Neil was holding Brendas glasses while she dove into the pool. I think that Brendas vision may start to play a role in the plot. 

Class Conciousness: On page 8, Neil is driving to the park where Brenda is playing tennis and is describing the streets and places around him. At the beginning of the paragraph he is listing places he is driving past such as Dairy Queen, Lumberyards,  and used-car lots. In the middle of the paragraph, Neil is then describing the house around him and that there long lawns had twirling water, which I would assume are sprinklers. He also mentions that there are streets with names of eastern colleges. At the beginning of the paragraph, Neil is quickly naming the places he passes without giving more detail, but once he gets to the wealthier neighboorhoods, he is describing them in more detail. On page 11, Neil talks about college and automatically assumes that Brenda may go to Boston University, but instead, will be going to Radcliffe, which is an even more prestigious than BU.
Diving Board
Suburban Phone Book
Telephone Table
Dresser with missing left leg
Black Whirring Fan
Salt Shaker
Copy of War and Peace
Tennis Racket Cover
Map of the Streets on Newark

Thursday, January 9, 2014


This is a close up shot of squirrel that sits in my backyard waiting to be fed. He is very big and takes up the center of the shot which gives him our attention and focus. The sun is also shining on him, making him look like he is glowing. 

I liked this picture because of the uniformity of the tennis rackets. The contrast of white rackets on the dark wood makes the rackets stand out more. The lighting is brighter in the center and then fades around the edges. The lighting is also making many shadows on the walls making it look like the rackets are moving.

In the background of this picture, you can see that I was at the beach. At the beach, there are no people even though it is sunny. In the foreground, you can see snow and ice on the ground, giving a hint that it is winter time and that not many people will be at the beach. You also get a view of the car facing towards that beach, which shows how I got there. 

These are christmas cookies that we made. It is a high angle shot looking down onto the cookies. You also notice that there are four main colors: red, green, white, and blue, and that there are also four shapes: a glove, a tree, a star, and a gingerbread man. 

This is a picture of a dog running into the water. The dog is in the middle to bottom right hand corner of the shot. You are able to see the background, which is water. In the water, you are able to see a glare of sun which is also telling you the time of day, sunset.