Sunday, September 29, 2013

Minority Report- Shot #1

At this point in the film, Minority Report, John Anderton (played by Tom Cruise) is having a discussion with Dr. Iris Hineman (Lois Smith) about pre-crime. Anderton is coming to Dr. Hineman for help because the Precogs predicted that Anderton would murder a man in thirty-six hours. Dr. Hineman explains to Anderton how the precogs sometimes see different visions and the system will only report the two visions which agree.

This shot in the movie is a medium shot because of the tight presentation of the two actors, while still being able to see the setting. The shot is a regular Medium shot because of Dr. Hineman standing farther away, making the frame at waist level. John Anderton is standing closed, causing the shot to become a Medium Close Shot since the frame is at chest level.

Like we have talked about in class, the clothing is all very dark, making the future seem unwelcoming. In this shot, Dr. Hineman's clothing is a little lighter, even though it is still gray. The color white symbolizes innocence, which I feel the movie is trying to create with Dr. Hineman. She is "the mother of pre-crime" and is now the help Anderton needs in order to run away from attempting murder.

With John Anderton standing in front on Dr. Hineman and closer to the camera, it makes him seem like the more important character at the moment.

Body Language also plays an important role in this shot. John Anderton is leaning down and looking away from Dr. Hineman, who is looking over him and and has a stern look. It reminds me of child being yelled at by their mother for doing something bad. In this case, Anderton is going to kill a person if he doesn't figure out a way to stop himself and Dr. Hineman is giving him advice. Like my example, the scene is like a mother and son moment.