Thursday, January 9, 2014


This is a close up shot of squirrel that sits in my backyard waiting to be fed. He is very big and takes up the center of the shot which gives him our attention and focus. The sun is also shining on him, making him look like he is glowing. 

I liked this picture because of the uniformity of the tennis rackets. The contrast of white rackets on the dark wood makes the rackets stand out more. The lighting is brighter in the center and then fades around the edges. The lighting is also making many shadows on the walls making it look like the rackets are moving.

In the background of this picture, you can see that I was at the beach. At the beach, there are no people even though it is sunny. In the foreground, you can see snow and ice on the ground, giving a hint that it is winter time and that not many people will be at the beach. You also get a view of the car facing towards that beach, which shows how I got there. 

These are christmas cookies that we made. It is a high angle shot looking down onto the cookies. You also notice that there are four main colors: red, green, white, and blue, and that there are also four shapes: a glove, a tree, a star, and a gingerbread man. 

This is a picture of a dog running into the water. The dog is in the middle to bottom right hand corner of the shot. You are able to see the background, which is water. In the water, you are able to see a glare of sun which is also telling you the time of day, sunset.