Sunday, February 9, 2014

Goodbye, Columbus Chapter 2

Parallel: Like in Chapter 1, Chapter 2 starts with Neil, Brenda, and the glasses.It is almost exactly the same beginning, where Brenda asked Neil to hold her glasses while she went swimming. 

Contrast: In Chapter 1, Brenda was always asking Neil if he or his cousin, Doris, were Black. In Chapter 2, on page 23, they describe Mr. Patimkin at the dinner table "pulling his shirt up and slapping his black, curved belly". I thought this was interesting contrast since Brenda was always asking if somebody was black but I dont think anyone ever really thought the Brenda could be black.

Class Consciousness: On pages 25 and 26, Brenda is talking about her mom not wanting to waste any money they have. Brenda sees it in the sense that "she still thinks we live in Newark". Even in brendas family, not all of them feel upper-class. Her mom doesnt want to waste any of the money they have.

Black Tank Suit
Cuban Heels
Knuckle-Sized Rings
Straw Hats
Big Blue Umbrella
Chaise Longues
Golf Balls
Tennis Can
Baseball bat
Riding Crop

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