Thursday, February 6, 2014

Goodbye, Columbus Chapter 1

Contrast: On pages 10 and 11, the passage has a cntrast of light and dark. One page 10, it says "the darker it got the more savagely did Brenda rush the net...". On page 11, Neil is describing Brenda as "...tiny-collared white polo shirt, right where her wings would have been if she'd had a pair". I thought of this as a contrast since brenda is being describe in both of these sentences. When stating that it was darker, Neil mentions that Brenda turned into more of a savage, but when he is describing her white polo, he mentions, infering that she looks like an angle. 

Parallel: I noticed that Brenda is always asking what people look like. On page 7, Brenda asks what Neil looks like and on page 12, she asks what his cousin Doris, looks like. I thought this was interesting especially since the beginning of book started with the moment when Neil was holding Brendas glasses while she dove into the pool. I think that Brendas vision may start to play a role in the plot. 

Class Conciousness: On page 8, Neil is driving to the park where Brenda is playing tennis and is describing the streets and places around him. At the beginning of the paragraph he is listing places he is driving past such as Dairy Queen, Lumberyards,  and used-car lots. In the middle of the paragraph, Neil is then describing the house around him and that there long lawns had twirling water, which I would assume are sprinklers. He also mentions that there are streets with names of eastern colleges. At the beginning of the paragraph, Neil is quickly naming the places he passes without giving more detail, but once he gets to the wealthier neighboorhoods, he is describing them in more detail. On page 11, Neil talks about college and automatically assumes that Brenda may go to Boston University, but instead, will be going to Radcliffe, which is an even more prestigious than BU.
Diving Board
Suburban Phone Book
Telephone Table
Dresser with missing left leg
Black Whirring Fan
Salt Shaker
Copy of War and Peace
Tennis Racket Cover
Map of the Streets on Newark

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