Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Road pages 136-160

Parallel: the son is starting to pick up on new terms and sayings such as "warm at last" (147) and "what are our long term goals" (160). In both so these cases, the father asks the son where he heard the term and the son is never sure. I think this shows how mature and smart the son is without any form of an education. 

Contrats: In all descriptions of the bad guys, they have beards. The father also has a beard until page 152, when he shaves it off. This is just one of the physical apperence differences you see between the good guys and the bad guys.


What is the creature the dad talks about on pages 153-154

Why do the son and father abandon the hiden shelter with the food, water and heat lamps and continue their walk in the cold weather? If I were them, I would have stayed in the shelter for as long as possible. 

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